Justin Bieber’s Brutal Fist Fight (TMZ Live)

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Justin Bieber got into an all-out street brawl with a guy much bigger than him Wednesday night in Cleveland.


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18 thoughts on “Justin Bieber’s Brutal Fist Fight (TMZ Live)

  1. MrDeonte987

    that girl is wrong as fuck….you don't "sign up" for taking pics with the millions of fans that want a pic…u sign up for the MUSIC which is what u have a passion for…Justin didn't know he was going to be at this level of fame..he's human …u do know that that stuff comes wit it but that doesn't mean u have to follow through

  2. Betty Coffey

    geesh… entertainment tonight posted facts before you all posted… according to witnesses.

    Justin hit up on the girl out with the guy and he warned Justin to back off. … Justin refused to.

  3. LGBT Lover

    First off, Justin is a human too, he doesn't HAVE to take pictures with fans! He is not an object or a zoo animal.
    Secondly, after that guy slapped him, Justin threw a good punch, but at the wrong person. That guy could have snapped Justin's neck if he wanted to. Not a good idea to fight someone 3x your size!
    And Finally, I HIGHLY doubt that all this happened because of a fan selfie or a picture. Something major must have happened for this to unfold.

  4. funkyretard

    I hate Justin Bieber with a passion, but to be fair, you can clearly see the bigger dude extend his right hand to Justin's face just before Bieber threw that punch. I have no doubt that he was being a little punk-ass bitch as usual, but the other guy hit first.

  5. Tezza . L

    I thought the same thing about the bloke being a bodyguard. Thought TMZ would of known by now who he waz.


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