Nate Diaz Gets N-Word Pass? (TMZ Live)

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27 thoughts on “Nate Diaz Gets N-Word Pass? (TMZ Live)

  1. Rebecca Gee

    It was definitely not used in a derogatory malicious way. TMZ your losing a lot of credibility by twisting things to try to make a story.

  2. King Gt

    The way nate said "nigga" is like saying homeboy. this isn't the 1960s anymore nit picking everything that a person says is ridiculous.

  3. streetplatoon562

    Everybody that grew up in the hood used NIGGA as a term of expression and not as an offensive insult it has the same meaning as dude,bro,dawg and so on… If you didn't grow up in the hood you will never understand they way nigga was/is used

  4. Lerkero

    The word 'nigga' is offensive no matter who is using it to refer to someone else. Van is a hypocritical idiot.

  5. Early Egypt

    Nate Diaz is white yall dumb fucks LMFAO all a white person has to do is put a spanish last name and he aint white no more LMFAO. If Nate didn't have a hispanic last name yall would just be calling him white lmao

  6. VS9050909

    You know what… Nigga is a street term people in the hood use to talk to street niggaz about hood shit. So If you are White Black Asian Hispanic Jewish and from the streets please feel free to use it. But if you are White Black Hispanic Jewish or Asian and from the suburbs stfu and be happy you are not in the real hood, because nowadays the hood is grown zero 4real!
    Your parent/s blessed you with a better life then niggaz in the hood so show some appreciation and act accordingly to the life you were granted.

  7. Lucas Cruz

    some white bitch trying to talk shit about nate. fuck you. we all say it. black people turned that word into an everyday synonym for dude or anything the like. i refer to my friends as my niggas sometimes. i don't even think about it. it just comes out. i say dude a lot too. almost the same shit. even though it's not. black people call each nigga now the same as how women call each other bitch. is it fucked up? hell yes but it is this way now. both those words you can thank rappers for. they made both of them normal.

  8. Sherlock Jones

    WORD – If some people had been quicker to bring Mr. Diaz into the POLITICALLY CORRECT fold, this faux pas could have been avoided.
    Nate's been popular for a while but no one gave him the time of day. Now that he's got money, the maggots at TMZ want to take it away!

  9. HashBandicoot

    He's a fuckin Mexican professional fighter from the hood do you think he cares about whether or not a black dude from TMZ thinks he should be able to say nigga?


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