The Old School Trick Victoria Beckham Uses to Volumize Her Hair

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Of course Posh Spice knows all of the best beauty tips and tricks! And of course, the iconic designer’s trick for voluminous hair is a best kept old-school beauty secret: velcro rollers!

Victoria Beckham a snapshot of herself sipping on her morning coffee with velcro rollers in her hair. Her outfit, which consisted of incredible boyfriend jeans and a classic black turtleneck, ankle boots and fierce aviators), was of course killer, but it was her hair that made the OG cool-girl argument that you can multi-task and have fabulous hair. And we’re taking notes — after all, VB is a true treasure trove of cosmetic know-how. See proof: How she ups her glam game with her own beauty collection. 

Stylish will be taking this “not-your-grandma’s” hair advice before we hustle out the door in the morning — you can volumize your mane and save time while you do it. Velcro rollers can easily be placed in hair that’s damp or recently blown dry and set while you accomplish your morning tasks or even get ahead of your emails. All you need is a good pair of rollers and some trusty hairspray or texturizer to keep the volume where you’d like it to stay. 

As far as velcro rollers go, you can pick up a set at your local Walgreens or drugstore. Got to love a cheapie hair trick. One to try: Conair Mega Self-Grip Rollers

Then keep give your strands some extra vavavoom with texture spray like Sam McKnight Cool Girl (which team Stylish is currently obsessing over). 

This isn’t the first beauty hack we’ve received from Vicky Becks this week. The fashion designer also shared that she reversed the damage of plucking her brows wire-thin by using the lash growth stimulator Latisse. It’s only Wednesday and we’ve already been bestowed with multiple pieces of Posh beauty wisdom, so we can only hope that we will be #blessed with more by Friday. 

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